My favourite washcloth – Free crochet pattern

crochet wash cloth

And why you’ll want to start using Aleppo soap today!

Cloths, cloths, cloths! Washcloths, dishcloths, cleaning cloths. You can find a lot of free patterns for whatever cloths on the web.
People love making them, giving them away or selling them.
They’re just such a fun make. Superquick, easy, educational (the perfect excuse to learn a new stitch), a stash buster pur sang, excellent to experiment with colours and develop your feeling for colour combinations and that all with a great result. Cloths are a pleasure to look at, sustainable and very practical.
Of course I love making them too and that’s why I felt nearly obliged to design one.

I chose a stitch with enough texture so you can use your washcloth to gently clean your face and body and scrub a bit. (Which makes this design also suitable for bigger dishcloths in the kitchen.)

I’d recommend to always use cotton for your cloths because it absorbs fluids but doesn’t hold the water too much as wool does and it doesn’t stretch out so much in water. Cotton has an extra plus as it is biodegradable, so very sustainable. And don’t we all want a cleaner planet?
You can find the pattern at the bottom of the blog, but there’s also a free download on Ravelry.

Aleppo soap

I found the perfect addition to your washcloth if you were planning to make one as a gift.
It’s called Aleppo soap and in its simplicity it’s truly something special.
Personally I discovered Aleppo soap last May when we were on holiday on the beautiful island of La Palma (Canary islands). There, in the picturesque town Los Llanos, we found a beautiful shop called La Batavia full with home and garden furnishings. We started talking to the owner and behind the counter I saw the soap. I immediately felt attracted to it and asked her I she could tell me something about this ‘Aleppo soap’. She told us that before we started hearing about Aleppo in the news nearly every day, it was already famous for something else. Something much more positive than that destructive war and regimen.
For hundreds of years there has been a tradition of soap making in Aleppo.Handmade soap! I didn’t know it still existed!

Many historians consider Aleppo soap to be the world’s first modern soap bar—solid, rectangular, and used for bathing and personal hygiene. It contains only three ingredients: olive oil, laurel oil, and a tincture of lye. It’s vegan, so no animal fats or derivatives, and completely natural, no harmful chemicals or artificial colors. Say what??!!

The laurel oil is the magic ingredient of Aleppo soap—it is an essential oil with medicinal properties shown to contain anti-fungals, anti-inflammatories, antioxidant (so anti-ageing!!)and it fights bacteria.

The result? An intensely moisturizing and delicate balsam widely used by those with sensitive skin, including small babies and those who suffer from eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

If this hasn’t convinced you, you should know that by buying Aleppo soap you’re supporting the soap makers in Syria that are trying to build up their lives after the destruction the war caused and are also trying to restore their old traditions of soap making.
So what are you waiting for? Just Google Aleppo soap and I’m sure you’ll find an online store that sells it. I use mine every day and the bar we bought will last for years!

Cross eyed Wash cloth- Free crochet pattern 

Skill level: easy
Materials needed: -Cotton yarn like Rocco creative cotton aran, Durable double four or Drops Paris
-Crochet hook
-Yarn needle

Yarn used: +/- 30g Double four
Crochet hook: 4,5 mm hook Clover amour
Measurements finished cloth:16,5 x 15,5 cm

US terms and abbreviations with UK in brackets

ch- chain
sc- single crochet (UK double crochet)
tch- turning chain
slst- slip stitch
st- stitch
sp- space
sk- skip

Row 1: Ch 33, sc in 3rd ch from hook, *ch 1, sk 1 ch, sc. Rep from * across. Turn
Row 2: Ch2 (sc, ch/2 tch), sc2tog over first and second chsp *ch1, sc2tog over previous and next chsp. Rep from * to last sc.
Sc2tog over prev and tchsp, sc2tog over tchsp and first ch of tchs.Turn
Row 3-13: Rep row 2. Fasten off, weave in ends.


You’ve just made a super cool washcloth! This cloth is sustainable and a great alternative for non biodegradable cloths and sponges! Please follow me on Instagram and share a photo of your work using #crosseyedwashcloth That would definitely put a smile on my face!

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