Granny puff belt – Crochet pattern

granny puff belt

I love crocheting stuff that I can actually use and even better, wear! Isn’t it supercool to be more and more self sufficient and buy less. (Except for yarn of course.) And a handmade present is so much more personal!

Granny square love

I guess as crocheters we all love granny squares. Of course the original one stays king (or queen), but I tried to come up with a more modern version to use for this belt. And then, because of my colour choice I still gave it a seventies retro look hahaha Or as they call it, boho style.

Feel free to experiment with colours as it will give the belt a completely different look and feel. If you use pastels for instance, it would give the belt a more summery vibe.

Instead of beads you could also attach pom poms or tassels to the end of the ties.

Puff stitch galore

I’m a big fan of the puff stitch. I love, when paired they look like little hearts. The pattern consists of mostly puff stitches so you if you like them as much as I do, you can eat your heart out 😉 

The pattern

The Granny puff belt was first published in Dutch crochet magazine ‘Aan de haak’, but is now available in my shops!

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