K-Christmas star – Free crochet pattern

As last year I offered you the K-Christmas tree as a free crochet pattern, I’m introducing the K-Christmas star this year! Maybe I can make a nice little Christmas tradition out of it.

You could make several stars and make a Christmas bunting or you could hang them in your Christmas tree. Here they’re lying all over the place to be honest hahaha. Oh, I see one in the tree though!

Glitter yarn

I used only glitter yarn for my stars, Durable Glam to be precise, which made it a little harder to block them. You could vary with other cotton yarn and mix it with a nice glitter to make blocking easier.

Free PDF

To express my gratitude for you following me, supporting me, buying my patterns, I made a free PDF available in my Ravelry shop. In the PDF you can find photos of each round and a list of abbreviations.

The pattern

Skill level: Easy

Materials needed:
Glitter yarn
Crochet hook 3.5 mm
Yarn needle

Yarn used:
Durable Glam

Fasten off after every round.
Round 1 Mr, 12 hdc, slst in 1st hdc.
Round 2 Stsc in bl of any hdc and sc in bl in ea hdc, slst in 1st sc.
Round 3 Sthdc in any sc, hdc in same st, (ch 2, 2 hdc) in ea sc around, ch 2, slst in 1st hdc.
Round 4 Stsc in any ch-2 sp, (hdc, dc, ch 3), in same ch-sp, sk 2 hdc (dc, hdc, sc), in next ch-sp, sk 2 hdc, (sc, hdc, dc, ch 3,) in next ch-sp, Rep till end, end last rep at ** , slst in 1st sc.
Round 5 Stsc2tog in any pair of sc’s (in between 2 hdc’s), ch 4, (hdc, pic, hdc) in ch-3 sp, ch 4,*sc2tog in next 2 sc’s *, Rep ** around, end last rep at **, slst in 1st sc. Weave in ends and block the star.


You’ve just made a twinkle of a star! Please follow me on Instagram and share a photo of your work using #kchristmasstar and #knotsosquare That would make me brilliantly happy!

Merry Christmas!

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