Poppy Flower Market Bag – Crochet pattern

poppy flower market bag

I’ve been designing crochet market bags for a while now and I decided to up my game a bit. The bottoms of my bags have been quite plain so far so I thought it would be nice to add a little twist to them.

Poppy Flowers

I designed a crochet flower, a poppy flower, which forms the center of the bottom of the bag. The rest of the bag symbolize the leaves and the stem of the flower.
All of a sudden the bottom of the bag has become the most interesting part of the bag!
The Poppy flower is an interesting flower in itself as it allows us to produce some of the most important medicine in the world, drugs like codeine and morphine. Say what??!! That just makes it the coolest flower everrr!

For the body I used a stitch that resembles small leaves. This stitch consists mostly of double crochet’s and a few chains which makes it such a pleasure to crochet.You know I have a strong dislike for chaining.

Drops Muskat

As I know you guys like colourful, I used three colours of Drops Muskat for the bag. Drops Muskat is a fabulous mercerised Egyptian cotton. I love it so much because it has a glorious sheen and is superstrong and durable. It comes in 40 different shades and is machine washable! Perfect for a crochet market bag if you ask me. But of course you can use any DK cotton.


By making your own bag you can attribute to a cleaner planet as you reduce the use of plastic bags. I fully support the #plasticban. I’ve written a blog about this before.

The crochet pattern

The pattern for the Poppy flower Market Bag is available now in my Etsy- and Ravelry shop.

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Happy Crocheting!

Love, Susy

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