Pride, rainbows and a market bag – Crochet pattern

rainbow market bag

The Rainbow market bag

Today Pride Amsterdam kicks off. I’m very proud that my city hosts this event and has done so for many years. Queer people shouldn’t feel ashamed of their queerness. The festival boldly proclaims this and will do so until full freedom and equality in every society around the world has been achieved. 

It’s incredibly sad that the LGBT+ community is still far from being equal. Recently we all took a major step back thanks to the Trump administration.  That is why Pride is still so important!

By designing the Rainbow market bag I hope to express my support for Amsterdam Pride as the rainbow flag is a symbol of LGBT+ pride.

I wanted to make a bag for which I’d use all the yarn I’d bought for it. So no leftovers. (No waste.) I used 9 balls of Scheepjes Catona 10 gr for it and used them completely. So the colour changes might seem random haha. Alternatively you could use leftovers to make this bag and maybe create a rainbow pattern too.

So next time you’ll be using this bag instead of a plastic bag you’ll support both the future of our planet and humanity in all its forms.
This bag is all about pride and diversity and our support for that matter. I’m not so much into politics but I believe it’s important to keep the crochet community a warm place where everyone should feel welcome.

rainbow market bag

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